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SWAP & Earn - available soon!

The SWAP & Earn Programme allows any individual to earn a monthly passive income by referring cellphone users to SWAP. When they register with SWAP, you become a SWAP wallet stakeholder and start earning income every time they transact.

The SWAP & Earn Programme is an excellent way to supplement your income or to set up a rainy-day fund for yourself. If you become actively involved with the programme, you can even see it as your own business.

And as the SWAP culture grows and people start making it their preferred way to buy airtime and electricity, your income grows and grows, without you having to lift a finger! You remain a SWAP stakeholder for 10 years, so this ongoing income stream can build up to become a very substantial nest egg.

A SWAP wallet stakeholder recruits SWAP wallets and receives income from airtime, electricity and wallet-to-wallet transactions that take place through those SWAP wallets. You can sign up wallets through the “SWAP and Earn” link on the SWAP menu (dial *130*1313#) or making use of the SWAP SMS web campaigns.

SWAP links your cellphone number to the cellphone number of the wallet user that you have recruited, to determine your revenue share by the end of every day. Your stakeholder income will be paid into your SWAP wallet. Register your own personal SWAP code to be able to bank your money.

To become a SWAP stakeholder and qualify for monthly income through the programme, all you have to do is to register your SWAP wallet by dialling *130*1313# and start signing up SWAP wallets and SWAP merchants.

Any questions or enquiries can be mailed to didi.molongwane@swapmobile.co.za or call her on 0861117927.

Use the wallet stakeholder calculator to estimate your potential income.

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