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SWAP Mobile – the new way to pay!

The cellphone has become the primary personal device of our time and will eventually carry out every electronic function needed by an individual. It is predicted that the usage of cellphones for mobile payments will double over the next two years.

SWAP Mobile offers a mobile wallet through which the user can make bill and till payments, buy vouchers for airtime and electricity, buy products through mobile-commerce, do money transfers or fund top-ups... anywhere, anytime. No bank account is needed; in fact, the SWAP wallet balance on a user's cellphone can act as a bank account, without banking fees.

The convenience and simplicity of SWAP overcomes many of the problems associated with traditional payment options like cash, cards, cheques, internet payments and mobile banking.

The SWAP wallet on your cellphone is easy-to-use, secure and available on all South African cellphones. Registering for your SWAP wallet is free and takes only a few minutes. Simply dial *130*1313#.

You can use your SWAP wallet to pay any business or person if they have registered for a SWAP code or have a SWAP-enabled till point. A SWAP code is a code that you save on your cellphone contact list like a cellphone number and dial to make a payment. To pay a SWAP-enabled till point, you simply request a wallet code from the SWAP menu on your cellphone each time you want to make a payment.

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